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Enigma2 XE-AIO (All-in-one)

This plugin contains:

  • Bouquet, picons and EPG downloader
  • TV Archive (Catch-Up) player
  • VOD player
  • VPN setup
  • Custom Media Player with Seekbar

The plug-in helps you to load the channel list, picon and EPG onto the Enigma2 box. Only EPG from us are supported.  However, you should first adjust the "EPG ID" in your channel list to the EPG source. The TV-Archive player only works if the provider offers it. The VOD player is fully available for API Lines. For normal M3U lists the group titles have to be adjusted. For M3U lists, no IMDB data is available.

From version 3.0.2 onwards, VOD and series will no longer be imported into the bouquets. These can be found in the VOD plugin!
Important. The VOD plugin uses a database to store the IMDB information. Depending on the amount of available VOD data, this database can grow up to 100 MB. It is strongly recommended to use external storage "/media/hdd" as workspace.

Install XE AIO (SSH Client)

  • Connect to your box using an SSH or Telnet client like Putty

  • Run this command:

    IPK OE1.6 - OE2.0 like OpenaATV, OpenPli, OpenVix,....

    wget -O /tmp/ "" && chmod 755 /tmp/ && /tmp/

    DEB OE2.5 like DreamOS, NewNigma2

    wget -O /tmp/ "" && chmod 755 /tmp/ && /tmp/

Prepare playlist

Prerequisite for a functioning EPG is the EPG-ID assignment

Prerequisite for IMDB information is the IMDB ID assignment

  • Create a list or line
  • Assign each channel to an EPG-ID (EPG-ID assignment)
  • Assign each VOD und Series to an IMDB-ID (IMDB ID assignment)
  • Activate Parental control in the groups (Edit category  -> Censored)
  • If you want to use an M3U list for VOD, the category titles should contain the following. For movies [MOVIES] and series [SERIES]. For normal M3U lists, no IMDB data is available

Prepare E2 Box

  • Be sure to check the date and time on your E2 box. For most images, this is provided by the DVB transponder. If the date and time are wrong, no VPN connection to the server can be established and the EPG data is not loaded.
  • Activate multi-bouquet. Should be found under Settings. For most distributions, this option is already set.
  • Activate Parental Control and enter a PIN. The code from the Playlist Editor can not be imported. You must specify this directly in the box.

XE DOWNLOADER configuration

  • Open the Playlist Editor plug-in
  • You will see an APP code.
  • Link your Line- or List-ID with this code. Go to the editor in one of your playlists and paste this code.
  • Press YELLOW to load the configuration and the bouquets to the box. Then the plugin is now connected to your playlist.
  • Press BLUE to get EPG.


Is the path where the plugin stores the VOD database. There, the files are also cached when loading the EPG. If you are using a USB stick as storage, make sure that it has been initialized correctly.

Auto Plugin-Update (enable, disable)
XE-AIO updates are automatically installed

Auto Import (enable, disable)
When this option is enabled, your bouquets and EPG are loaded daily at a certain time automatically.

When in deep standby (Wake up and import, Skip the import)
The automatic import can also be performed when the box is in standby. Choose "Wake up and import" there if you want. (Prerequisite Auto import)

Import bouquets every hour (enable, disable)
With this setting, the bouquets (without EPG) are loaded every hour. (Prerequisite Auto import)

Start import after booting up (enable, disable)
This setting is recommended when you turn off the box completely. Auto Import only works in standby.

Allways reload VOD when opening
If this setting is enabled, the VOD data will be updated each time the VOD plugin is opened. Depending on the amount of data and the performance of the box that may take a while. In the VOD plugin you can press the key "4" to update the data.

Disable VOD PLugin (no/yes)
This deactivates the VOD plugin. The movies and series are loaded in the bouquets.

IPTV player (DVB (1), IPTV (4097), GSTREAMER (5001), EXTEPLAYER (5002))
This setting allows you to choose which player E2 will use for your IPTV streams. The additional plugin "serviceapp" will be installed if possible.
- DVB(1) default E2 DVB player
- IPTV(4097) default E2 IPTV player
- GSTREAMER (5001) For this you need an additional plugin (Serviceapp) 
- EXTEPLAYER (5002) For this you need an additional plugin (Serviceapp) 

VOD player (IPTV (4097), GSTREAMER (5001), EXTEPLAYER (5002))
This setting allows you to choose which player E2 will use for your VOD and TV-Archive streams. The additional plugin "serviceapp" will be installed if possible.
- IPTV(4097) default E2 IPTV player
- GSTREAMER (5001) For this you need an additional plugin (Serviceapp) 
- EXTEPLAYER (5002) For this you need an additional plugin (Serviceapp) 

ID of the connected playlist in the editor

Import EPG (enable, disable)
Here you can determine if you want to load our EPG data

Import picon (enable, disable)
Here you can determine if you want to load our Picons

Picon location
Here you determine where the picons should be stored

Catchup offset
This is the time shift from UTC to the time zone of the provider server.

INFO Button
You will see when the last import took place and when the next import is configured

MENU Button

1. Show log
If you have problems with the import, you might find the reason there. Is very important for our support.

2. Export DVB-Channels
This sends all bouquets not created by the XEEV Playlist Editor to the editor. The editor creates new groups with the name of the bouquet and the app code. Example: Favorites - A1B2C3D4
You can then distribute the DVB-C, DVB-S and DVB-T channels in different groups. This allows you to insert DVB channels into the group of IPTV channels. After the next import, they will be sent back to the box.

Important for PRO users. You must first enable the DVB import in the editor. In the device overview

3. Import EPG
The EPG data is loaded

4. Import Bouquets
The bouquets (without EPG data) are loaded

5. Delete all IPTV & DVB Bouquets
This deletes all bouquets. Even those who did not create XEEV Playlist Editor. So handle it carefully.

6. Update plugin
When a new version of the plugin is released, you will receive a message after the import. You can then click MENU and select this option. The plugin will be updated automatically and the box will be restarted.

7. Reset Config
The plugin is reset. New app code is generated. Then you need to connect the code to a playlist

8. Clear EPG
The EPG.dat and cache will be deleted.

XE CATCHUP features

What is Catch-Up? Catch-Up Service is offered by many Proviedern that uses XC server software. This gives you the opportunity to watch missed shows. Others call it TV-Archive or RePlay

Start the plugin "XE CATCHUP" while the channel is running and support the catchup serviceCatch-up support only works with API Lines

Channels with catchup service are now marked with an "[+]" or "*" in the channel list.

Even with TV-Archive channels, our XE Media Player is used. Please read the instructions to find out how to use FFW and FRW.

On your remote press Menu > Setup >Usage & GUI > Hotkey setup. Press red key on your remote (the key is optional but i thought red button was best) > in "Plugins" select "XE CATCHUP" > press green button to save > exit.
Now you will find when you are watching a catch-up channel if u press the red button it brings up the catch-up list


Functions of the buttons:

RED = Exit
GREEN = Change between VOD and series
YELLOW = Search (Looking for either VOD or Series in the whole range)
BLUE = Change between category and list view
1 = Sort by id (ASC / DESC)
2 = Sort by title (ASC / DESC)
3 = Sort by year (DESC / ASC) Only works if IMDB ID has been assigned correctly
MENU = Opens Menu View

MENU View - Functions of the buttons:

1 = Sort by id (ASC / DESC)
2 = Sort by title (ASC / DESC)
3 = Sort by year (DESC / ASC) Only works if IMDB ID has been assigned correctly
4 = Reload VOD & Series

XE Media Player

Please remember! None of our plugin plays the streams. We only provide the links and controls. If you have problems playing, you should define an alternative player in the XE Downloader.

Functions of the buttons/keys

Function of the keys as with the standard media player.

Keys 1, 4 and 7 rewind with different jumps

Keys 3, 6 and 9 forward with different jumps

The buttons PLAY, PAUSE, STOP, FRW, FFW are identical to the standard player. Please keep in mind that not every player supports these features.
Press the LEFT or RIGHT buttons to open the Seekbar. There you can again select with the keys LEFT and RIGHT desired point and confirm with OK.

This custom media player is available for VOD and TV-Archives. Not for IPTV.

XE VPN configuration and features

This plugin helps you set up a VPN connection to your VPN provider on your E2 device. We have integrated the following providers:

  • Nord VPN
  • IPVanish VPN
  • Digibit VPN
  • PIA (Private Internet Access)

The prerequisite is that you have a valid subscription to one of these providers.

Many IPTV providers block access with a VPN connection.

Please, before you buy a subscription at one of these VPN providers, inform yourself if this works for you.

The plugin is free for all XEEV Playlist Editor customers. So you need a subscription with us.
You should also know that a VPN connection may slow down the internet connection. Use Google Search to inform you.
Support inquiries over slow Internet connection or similar are not answered by us. I ask for your understanding


  • Open the XE VPN Setup plug-in
  • Choose your VPN provider.
  • Go to the "Sever" section and click "OK" on the remote. Depending on the provider, it may take a while for the first setup to show the server list. Select a VPN server there.
  • Navigate with the remote control to the Username section. Click "OK" on the remote. Enter your username from your VPN provider.
  • Repeat the same with the password.
  • Click on the "BLUE" button on your remote.

Now our plugin tries to connect. After a few seconds, you will see the status and your IP address in the upper area.
If it does not work. Click on the "GREEN" key and analyze the log. There you may find the cause of the failed connection.

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